Canadian Terms Beginning with A

ABM - A common term for an automated teller machine. Short for automated bank machine.

Alcool - A drink consisting of pure grain alcohol. Normally known in the USA as "Everclear". The name Alcool may actually come from the French word for alchohol which is "alcool".

All Dressed - A style of pizza, or a burger, which has all the toppings. The term also appears on a flavour of potato chips, only available in Canada.

Allophone - A resident whose first language is one other than English or French. Used only by linguists in other English-speaking countries, this word has come to be used by journalists and broadcasters, and then by the general public, in some parts of Canada.

Anglophone - A Canadian whose first language is English.

Arena - An ice rink with seats around it. Could be any enclosed area with seats for viewing surrounding it, but the implication is that it's primarily for hockey.

Arse - One's hind quarters. i.e. "He kicked me in the arse."

Autoroute - The commonly used name used for a highway in the province of Quebec.