Canadian Terms Beginning with S

Salisbury House - A Manitoba restaurant open 24 hours.

Sally Ann - The Salvation Army, or the nickname for a thrift shop operated by the Salvation Army.

Saltchuck - In British Columbia, refers to the ocean.

Saskabush - Saskatchewan, or even more specific, may refer to the city of Saskatoon.

Sasquatch - A creature similar to Bigfoot or Yeti. Derived from the Halkemeylem word "sesqac".

Sauga - Mississauga, in short form.

Scarberia - Scarborough, a suburban part of Toronto, a derogatory reference to its desolation.

Scare Canada - A derogatory term used to refer to the airline "Air Canada". This term has also been used in British Columbia as in "Scare BC", for "Air BC".

Scivey - An untrustworthy person; or someone who is considered un-generous or stingy. Used in the Maritime provinces. Pronounced as "SKY-vee".

Screech - Currently refers to a brand of dark rum in Newfoundland. Historically, "Screech" referred to any sort of strong moonshine or home brew that was consumed in the Atlantic provinces.

Screeching In - In Newfoundland, a colourful ceremony which makes a visitor an honourary Newfoundlander. It is usually done in a bar (or at a private party), and the rites include kissing a musty old cod fish, reciting a goofy poem and drinking an ounce of Newfoundland Screech (Dark Rum).

Second-Last - Next to last, or penultimate

Serviette - A paper napkin. Brought to Canada buy the British, however the term is actually derived from the French word for napkin.

Shinny - An early form of hockey, and now means a pick-up hockey game where people just show up and play.

Shreddies - A brand of breakfast cereal, vaguely resembling Chex. Many Canadians can recall the commercial jingle, "Good good whole-wheat Shreddies!"

Shwa (The) - Local slang for the city of Oshawa, Ontario.

Sir John A. - A reference to Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada's first prime minister.

Sixty-Pounder - A large bottle of liquor containing 66 ounces.

Ski-doo - A generic term for a snowmobile. The word "Ski-doo" is actually a brand name for snowmobiles made by a company named Bombardier (pronounced "bom-bar-dee-AY," not "bom-bar-DEER").

Skid - A reference to people who appear down and out with raggedy clothing, sometimes homeless but not always. Derived from the term "skid row".

Skookum - When something is great.

Slack - Term for low quality, disappointment, etc. Often prefaced with ever, as in "is it ever slack, eh" To "slack off" is to work slowly and minimally.

Sled - A snowmobile is often referred to simply as a "sled."

Sliveen - Commonly used in Newfoundland, refers to an individual of disreputable character.

Smarties - A candy resembling M&Ms. They do melt in your hand, and they're a lot sweeter. Smarties connoisseurs will always eat the red ones last.

Smogtown - Nickname for Toronto.

Smoked Meat - A Montreal delicacy, similar to corned beef. Usually served hot on a bun.

Snokked - Very drunk.

Snow Machine - A simpler way to refer to a snowmobile.

Snowbird - 1. A Canadian, often a senior citizens, who likes to spend their winters in the southern United States. 2. The Canadian Forces aerobatics team, that perform at local events and air shows.

Social - In Manitoba, a gathering at a town's legion or community for a night of dancing, drinking, and socialising. Often held as a fundraiser for a wedding, sports team, or a charitable cause.

Soo, The - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. Sometimes referred to as "The Sault".'

South of the border - Refers to the USA.

Speedy Creek - Slang term for the small city of Swift Current in Southwestern Saskatchewan. Considered slightly pejorative by current and former residents who prefer "Swifty" or "Swift".

Spinnin' an Freakin' - To drive in a reckless fashion. Usually only used in small prairie towns where reckless driving is a common pastime.

Sponge hockey; Spongee - Hockey played on ice with a sponge puck, and spongy or gripping shoes instead of skates. More common in Manitoba.

Spudhead - A person from Prince Edward Island, in reference to the province's abundance of potato farming

Square Head - A term used to describe English/Anglo Canadians in the province of Quebec.

Stagette - The female equivalent of a stag party.

Steeltown - Hamilton, Ontario, in reference to the city's main industry.

Stinktown - Sarnia, Ontario, in reference to the smell from the petroleum refineries.

Stubble Jumper - Someone from Saskatchewan, or from the prairies in general. Relates to the province's vast farmlands that when harvested, leave stubble.

Stubby - A short-necked, fat beer bottle once the standard type of beer bottle used by Canadian breweries.

Sucking Slough Water - Exhausted. A prairie expression.

Suitcase - Case of twenty-four cans of beer with a handle so that you may carry the case like a suitcase.

Swish - Homemade low-quality liquor. Made by taking used, liquor barrels and swishing water in them to absorb the alcohol remaining in the wood.