Canadian Terms Beginning with T

T-Bar - Female underwear visible above the pants at rear end. Presumably, refers to fact it resembles a T-bar ski lift.

T. O. - Toronto, Ontario.

Take a Decision - A term used to mean "making a decision", or "deciding".

Take Off - An expression of disagreement or a command to leave, similar to "get lost". Used by SCTV characters Bob and Doug McKenzie, as in "Take off you hoser!"

Takitish - Used in conversation as slang meaning "take it easy". Used mostly in Ontario.

Tap - A faucet or spigot.

Tarbish - A very popular card game played on Cape Breton Island.

Tea Towel - A dish towel.

Texas Mickey - A 3-litre (or 3.78 litre) or larger bottle of liquor. Despite the "Texas" reference, this is strictly a Canadian term.

Thanksgiving - In Canada it is celebrated on the second Monday of October, to reflect that Canada's harvest comes earlier than the American one. Very similar to the American Thanksgiving.

The States - The USA.

Thongs - Flexible sandals with a pair of straps anchored between the big and second toe, then across the toes. Referred to as "Flip-Flops" elsewhere.

Tights - Women's leggings.

Tim's, Timmy's - Slang terms for the popular "Tim Horton's" doughnut chain.

Timbits - Fried dough balls sold at "Tim Horton's" restaurants.

Tin - Older Canadians may say "Tin" as in, "a tin of tuna".

Toboggan - A snow sled.

Toon Town - A common nickname for Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Derived from the "Toon" in "Saskatoon".

Toonie - A Canadian two dollar coin, featuring a polar bear. Its name was actually derived from the previously released one dollar coin, named the "loonie".

Toque - A knitted winter hat, often with a pompon on the crown. In the USA it is referred to as a "Beanie".

Tortiere - A French-Canadian meat pie. A local delicacy in the province of Quebec.

Towney - In Newfoundland, to describe someone from the city of St. John's.

Track Pants - Sweat pants, whether they are used for athletics or not.

Trans-Canada - Reference to the Trans-Canada Highway, also called the Number 1. Begins in Victoria, British Columbia, ends in St John's, Newfoundland. Is also the world's longest national highway at 7821km.

Transport Truck - An 18-wheeler, or a tractor-trailer. This method of describing a truck is strictly a Canadian construct.

Twenty-sixer - A bottle of liquor containing 26 ounces. Sometimes called a "two-six" or a "twixer." This term is outdated; as the equivalent bottle now contains 750 milliliters.

Two-four - A box containing twenty-four bottles of beer.