Canadian Terms Beginning with F

Family Compact - A group of influential families who exercised substantial political control of Ontario during part of the 1800s. The Quebec equivalent was the "Chateau Clique".

Farmer Tan - Tan of the lower left arm, obtained by driving with the window open wearing a short-sleeve shirt.

Farmer Turn - A manoeuvre executed while driving an automobile in urban areas. A right turn that starts by veering to the left, often crossing into the adjacent lane before completing the (often slow) right turn. Name refers to the driving habits of rural farmers accustomed to large vehicles and unused to city traffic.

Farmer Vision - The basic broadcast TV channels that can be picked up on an antenna. Also referred to as "Peasant Vision" or "Country Cable".

Fin - Five dollars. i.e. "Spot me a fin, eh?"

Fire Hall - A fire station, or firehouse.

Fish Police - Derogatory reference to Federal or Provincial Fisheries or Wildlife Officers. Also referred to as "Tree Cop" or "Critter Cop".

Fishfly - A mayfly, which can infest many fresh water lake areas in certain times of the summer months.

Flat - Used to refer to a cardboard tray containing 24 cans of beer. i.e. "a flat of beer".

Flippin - An alternate to "friggin' or even the more colloquial uses of the same term.

Floater - In ice hockey, somebody who stays in the offensive zone and never plays defence. Also known as a "Cherry Picker" or a "Goal Suck".

Flow - Long hair that "flows" out of a hockey helmet, or any luxuriously long hard.

Flowerpots - Flower pot shaped monolithic outcroppings, visible in their entirety at low tide, located at Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick. Officially known as the Hopewell Rocks.

FOB - In B.C., a derogatory term used to describe a person of Oriental descent. An acronym for "Fresh Off the Boat."

For Sure - Means "Definitely". A commonly used Canadian term.

Force, The - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Fort McMoney - Common nickname for Fort McMurray, Alberta.

Forty Pounder - A bottle of liquor containing approximately 40 ounces. Also called a "pounder" or a "bottle."

Fox Vegas - Common nickname for Fox Creek, Alberta.

Francophone - A Canadian whose first language is French.

Freezie - A frozen flavoured sugar water snack common worldwide, but known by this name in Canada, mainly because of its brand name, "Mr. Freeze".

Frog - Derogatory term used to describe French Canadians.

Fuck the Dog - A term used to indicate doing nothing i.e. "I fucked the dog all day."