Canadian Terms Beginning with J

Jam Buster - A jelly-filled doughnut, generally covered with icing sugar.

Jaw, The - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Jawbone - A backcountry expression referring to giving credit at a store or bar. e.g. "The storekeeper gave me jawbone" meaning that the storekeeper or merchant advanced credit.

Jesus Murphy - A common exclamation, sometimes used as "Jesus H. Murphy".

Jockey Box - A Maritime term for a glove compartment in a car.

Joe Job - A low-class or low-paying job.

Joe Louis - A snack cake similar to a Twinkie, with chocolate cake and a white icing interior. Available in Ontario and Quebec.

Joggers - 1. A term used for jogging pants or sweatpants. 2. Referring to "sneakers" in some parts of the east coast.

Joual - A Quebec working-class dialect that's a striking mix of English and French. Varies from region to region. Sometimes called "Frenglish."