Canadian Terms Beginning with L

L.C. - A local Manitoba slang for the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission (MLCC), the government-run liquor stores in Manitoba. Also, used for Nova Scotia's "Liquor Commission".

Lakehead, (The) - Thunder Bay, Ontario

Laneway - A common term for a driveway.

Language Police - A Quebec provincial government that attempts to enforce Bill 101, the controversial language law that was meant to ensure that Quebec businesses predominantly feature the French language on signs, menus etc.

Late Lunch - At a Social, the meal served around 11:00 PM or Midnight usually consisting of rye bread, cheese, deli meat and pickles.

LCBO - The Liquor Control Board of Ontario. Generally refers to the government-run chain of liquor stores.

Left Coast - Term used to refer to British Columbia

Legion - Short for the Royal Canadian Legion, a veterans organization for former members of the Canadian military, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and other police. There is a branch hall in most Canadian towns, and these places are usually referred to as the "Legion."

Lick-Bo - Commonly used in Ontario, it is a reference to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) government run liquor stores

Lineup - A line. e.g. "There was a really long lineup for the movie." Some Canadians also use the British term "queue".

Liquor Store - A specific reference to a government operated liquor store.

Loonie - A Canadian one dollar coin. Derived from the use of a "Loon" (a species of waterfowl) on the reverse.

Lord Stanley's Mug - A slang reference to the Stanley Cup, awarded annually to the champion team of the National Hockey League.

Loser Limousine/Loser Cruiser - City transit.

Lotus Land - British Columbia, especially the Lower Mainland located near the city of Vancouver.

Lower Mainland - The Greater Vancouver-Fraser Valley area of British Columbia.

Lumberman's Jacket - A thick flannel jacket, usually either red and black or green and black favoured by blue collar workers and heavy metal/grunge aficionados.