Canadian Terms Beginning with M

Mackinac - A plaid Melton jacket, typically red or green, at one time a hallmark of the Canadian working class. Pronounced "Mackinaw" and sometimes spelled that way.

Maclean and Maclean - Two low-brow Canadian comedian/musicians.

Mae West - A snack food similar to a Ring Ding. Popular mostly in Quebec.

Mainlander - Used by Newfoundlanders, Prince Edward Islanders, Cape Bretoners and Vancouver Islanders to refer to a person from mainland Canada; often used as a derogatory term.

Manisnowba - A tongue-in-cheek term for the province of Manitoba which plays upon the long Manitoba winters.

Maritimes - Used to describe residents of the Maritime provinces on Canada's east coast. Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward's Island make up the Maritimes, but not Newfoundland.

Marking (a test) - Grading a test.

Matrimonial Cake - In Western Canada, a date square (a rectangular cake with a date filling and a crumble topping) is more commonly known as matrimonial cake. Earliest use found in "Canadian Favourites Cook Book" circa 1940.

May Two-Four - Victoria Day, a holiday long-weekend in May.

Member - Used by the RCMP to refer to fellow Mounties.

Mickey - A small (13 oz.) bottle of liquor, shaped to fit in a pocket, much like a hip flask. Also fits conveniently alongside the calf of a cowboy boot or rubber boot, and can be referred to as a "Boot Bottle".

Milk in a Bag - Yes, milk comes in a bag in many regions of Canada.

Mini-Mickey - A smaller than normal micky bottle of liquor consisting of six and a half ounces.

Minty - Meaning "cool" it is a term used in some local regions such as Manitoba. e.g. "Your new pickup is real minty."

MLCC - Manitoba Liquor Control Commission. The official liquor vendor in the province of Manitoba.

Molson Muscle - The potbelly one gets from drinking a lot of beer. A beer gut.

Mother Corp - The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Mountie - A member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Muddy Waters - A slang term for Winnipeg. Refers to the confluence of the Assiniboine and Red River which can be relatively murky on any given day.

Mugwump - Another term for a Sasquatch. Often used in reference to the Sasquatch that is used to market Kokanee Beer.

Muskoka Chair - A large, slatted, wooden deck chair.