Canadian Terms Beginning with D

Dainties - Baked treats and goodies served at a social event. Used in western Canada.

Dart - A cigarette.

David Wilcox - A Canadian blues guitarist and poet, as opposed to the American folk singer.

Dayliner - A Budd Rail Diesel Car, a self-propelled diesel passenger railcar on the former British Columbia Railway, also called "Budd Car" after the company who made them (the dayliner is now out of service). Dayliners also saw service in Ontario on the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) and the Canadian National Railway (CNR).

Dead Rear - A local term for Red Deer, Alberta. A play on its proper name and a supposed lack of culture or interesting activities available in the city.

Deadmonton - Sometimes used as a derogatory for Edmonton, Alberta. It is a play on its proper name and a supposed lack of culture or interesting activities available in the city. Made famous by a British journalist who asserted the same in a U.K publication. His description was withdrawn after actually visiting the city and being given a tour by the mayor.

Dec - A slang expression derived from the word "decent". Pronounced "dee-ss".

Deke - A word derived from "decoy" and used to describe a fake or feint intended to deceive a defensive player, often drawing that player out of position, usually in hockey. i.e. "I deked him out and scored."

Dep Wine - Cheap, nasty, house-brand wine purchased from a "depanneur," or corner store, in Quebec.

Depanneur - The common name for a corner store, in Quebec.

Dix (or Dixie) - A Quebecer term for ten dollars.

Donair - A pita containing spiced meat and a "sweet" sauce made from sugar, vinegar, milk, and garlic. Originated in Halifax NS, and is still a local favorite late-night food.

Donnybrook - A brawl or a fight involving multiple individuals. Often used to describe a hockey fight.

Double Double - From Tim Horton's, as in two milk and two sugar.

Down South - Almost always refers to the United States.

Drop the gloves - To begin a fight. It is a reference to a practice of removing gloves prior to a hockey fight.

DUI - Driving under the influence, referred to as "DWI" in the USA.

Duster - In hockey, a benchwarmer, ie. a player who sits and collects dust