Canadian Terms Beginning with H

Habs - From the historical Quebec term meaning "Habitants", it is the nickname of the Montreal Canadiens NHL hockey team.

Hack - A taxi cab, or cab driver.

Had the Biscuit - Dead, broken, spent, e.g. "My pickup truck has had the biscuit".

Half-Sack - A six pack of beer.

Hali - Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Haligonian - A resident of Halifax, NS.

Halloween Apples! - On Halloween, yelled out by children on the doorstep of a neighbors house to demand a serving of candy. Takes the place of "Trick or treat!" and more commonly used in the prairie provinces.

Hammer, The - Hamilton, Ontario.

Hat, The - Medicine Hat, Alberta

Head'r - Used as a verb, to leave. e.g. "I guess I'd better head'r."

Here Before Christ - A tongue-in-cheek acronym for The Hudson's Bay Company, which was founded in 1670.

Highway - How a Canadian refers to a "freeway".

Hockey Sock - A person might make reference to a "Hockey Sock" when they are implying that there is a large amount of anything. i.e. "There is a whole hockey sock of donuts in the break room".

Hockey Sweater - A hockey uniform top, normally called a "jersey" in the USA.

Hogtown - A common nickname for Toronto, Ontario.

Holiday - A vacation or a trip. Also used in the American sense, meaning a day off work or school.

Hollywood North - Used to describe Canadian cities where Hollywood productions are done, such as Toronto and Vancouver.

Homo Milk - A Canadian term for homogenized milk, particularly with a fat content greater than 2 percent. Referred to in the USA as "whole milk". Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of an American when they go to a grocery store and see the word "HOMO" in big letters on the side of a milk carton?

Hoodie - A hooded sweatshirt with or without a zipper.

Horny Tim's - A cute nickname for Tim Horton's coffee and doughnut chain

Hose - When used as a verb is means to trick, deceive or steal.

Hosed - Broken or not working. e.g. "My pickup truck is hosed."

Hoser - 1. A stereotype Canadian 2. A mild insult, for someone who is an exploiter. Derived from the Depression era in reference to gasoline thieves.

Housecoat - Robe or bathrobe, one wears around the house.

Huck - To thrown something, like a snowball, or any sports related ball. e.g. "He can really huck that football."

Humidex - A measurement used by meteorologists to reflect the combined effect of heat and humidity.

Hydro - A common term used as a synonym for electrical service in some regions of Canada.