Canadian Terms Beginning with G

G'wan - Denotes disbelief. Popular in the Maritimes, it is a shortened version of "Go on!"

G'way - Denotes disbelief. Popular in the Maritimes, it is a shortened version of "Go away!"

Garburator - A garbage disposal unit located beneath the drain of a kitchen sink.

Garden City - Richmond, British Columbia's official sobriquet. However, more popularly applied to Victoria. Also, in reference to a suburb of Winnipeg.

Gas bar - A gas station with a central island, having pumps usually under an awning.

Gastown - A historical section of downtown Vancouver and the original nickname of the city. The name was derived from a contraction of "Gassy's Town", after the local steamboat captain "Gassy" Jack Deighton.

Get after it - An order to stop wasting time, or to get to the point; Stop talking and start doing, hurry up, etc.

Gino - Used to describe someone of Italian descent, especially in Southern Ontario.

Girl Guides - The Canadian version of the "Girl Scouts".

Gitch - Refers to underwear. There are a few variants like "Gitch" and "Ginch" .

Giv'n'r - Used to describe any act carried out with extreme exuberance or to its fullest potential. E.g. We were just Giv'n'r last night."

Give'em a Shout - To call someone on the phone.

Glosettes - Brand name for a type of chocolate-covered raisins.

Glove Box - How Canadians refer to the glove compartment.

Go Missing - To disappear, or become misplaced.

Goal Suck - In ice hockey, somebody who stays around the opposing teams goalie and does not play defence. Also known as a "Cherry Picker".

Going on Holiday - Elsewhere people say "going on vacation".

Goolie - In Manitoba, a local derogatory term for someone of Icelandic descent. From "Islendigur", meaning Icelander.

Gorby - A derogative term for a tourist or one who is severely ignorant to Canadian culture and believes in stereotypes (such as year-round snow, "eh", etc.)

Gordie Howe Hat Trick - When a hockey player scores a goal, gets an assist, and gets in a fight all in one game.

Gouge-and-Screw Tax - The Goods and Services Tax, a Canadian favourite.

Gravel Road Cop - A term used to describe the RCMP. Derived from the French acronym "GRC" that is associated with the RCMP.

Gravol - Canadian brand name for motion sickness drug Dramamine.

Gripper - The nickname for a large 66 oz (1/2 U.S. gal) or a 1.75 L bottle of liquor. So named for either having a looped handle on the bottle neck, or "grips" on the bottle.

Grit - The political nickname for a member of the Liberal Party, either federally or provincially, but normally excluding the province of Quebec.

Grocery Police - A Canadian Customs and Revenue Border Agent.

GST - The dreaded Goods and Services Tax. Also called the "Grab and Steal Tax" or the "Gouge and Screw Tax

GTA - frequently used acronym for the "Greater Toronto Area".

Guedille - A francophone term for a hot dog covered in spaghetti sauce. Pronounced as "gay-DEE."