Canadian Terms Beginning with K

Keener - Someone very eager and enthusiastic. Sometimes derogatory, in the sense of brown-noser, suck up, bootlicker.

Kentucky Fried Pigeon - A disparaging term for Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also referred to as "Kentucky Fried Rabbit", "Dead Bird in a Box" or "The Dirty Bird".

Kerfuffle - A commotion; flurry of agitation.

Ketchup Chips - Why put ketchup on your chips when they already come that way? Only in Canada.

Klick - Kilometer, or kilometer per hour. e.g. "The speed limit is 60 klicks here."

Knapsack - A backpack, or book bag.

Kokanee - A British Columbian name for a species of land-locked salmon. Also the name of a popular beer made in the Kootenay district.

Kraft Dinner - A popular brand of packaged macaroni and cheese. Often it is used to describe any macaroni meal. Commonly abbreviated as "K.D.". Also called "Krap Dinner" or "Rubber Bullets".

Krim-Ko - The brand name for a variety of chocolate milk, sold on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. People may also spell as Krimco, Crimco or Crimcoe.