Canadian Terms Beginning with R

Rad - Short for radiator in a car or home heating.

Randy - Excited, as in turned on. i.e. "horny". A common British term, but not familiar to Americans.

RCs - A shortened version of RCMP, especially those that patrol the highways.

Regular - Used to describe a coffee with one cream and one sugar.

Remembrance Day - In Canada, the official name for November 11. Known as "Veterans' Day" in the USA.

Rez - 1. A First Nations reserve 2. Shortened term for a dormitory residence in University or College.

Rink Rat - Term used to describe personnel who work at a hockey rink and maintain the building and ice surface.

Rippers - Slang term for strippers and exotic dancers. Also known as "Peelers".

River City - A nickname for Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Robertson Screws - Screws with a square hole. Strictly a Canadian device, you won't find this type of screw in the USA.

Rock, The - The Island of Newfoundland.

Rockets - Colourful chalky candies packaged in rolls wrapped in clear plastic.

Rotten Ronnie's - McDonald's restaurants. Also referred to as "McDick's".

RRSP - Tax-sheltered retirement savings plan. Similar to 401K in US.

Runners - Athletic shoes.

Rye - Canadian Whiskey.

Rye and Ginger - Apparently, only Canadians love their rye whisky mixed with ginger ale.